Cold Rolling/ Cold Drawing Production Line
Cold Drawing Section.
Cold rolling and cold drawing line is a whole cold processing line, further process of hot rolled pipe or welded pipe, to produce pipes by cold rolling, cold drawing or cold rolling and cold drawing combined. Basic technical flow is like this: (1) Pipe supply: usually mother pipe is finished or semi-finished hot rolled pipe, extruded pipe and welded pipe. (2) Pipe prepare: including inspection, packing, pickling, cleaning, washing, neutralizing, drying, lubricating and so on. (3) cold processing: cold rolling or cold drawing. (4) Finished pipe finishing: including heat treatment, straightening, sampling, end cutting, testing (manual inspecting and all kinds of testing), hydraulic testing, oiling, packing and entering into warehouse, and etc.

Characteristic of cold pressing line is that it needs several times of deforming and hardening from mother pipe to finished pipe. So the whole production is cycling, composed of several times of preparation and deformation. That is why production cycle is long and normally such kind of mill is of small scope.
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